Vol.45 出展者紹介

デザインフェスタ 出展者紹介


ジャンル 雑貨,アクセサリー,フィギュア・人形
出展日 両日
ブースNo. A-484
アーティスト情報 Suginami-ku Cryptozoology Society is the unique collaborative work of Koenji-based artists Science Patrol (Cory Privitera) and Sqdblstr (Aaron Wilkes), two people with an unhealthy interest in the unusual.
作品について Specializing in everything from sofubi yokai, monsters, and haunted accessories, there is something for everyone in our collection of original folklore-based goods.

Adopt an original Suginami-based yokai, ghost, or beast and bring home a piece of fictitious West Tokyo folklore!
URL https://sqdblstr.wordpress.com/