Vol.46 出展者紹介

デザインフェスタ 出展者紹介


ジャンル イラスト,ファッション,フィギュア・人形
出展日 両日
ブースNo. C-499
アーティスト情報 Berry Kim is living in South Korea. I have been an artist and illustrator in Berryland where there are exciting living things. I always consider on situations, emotion, relationship, people, region, fashion, smell, sound, and many things. This tendency is the foundation on my every art works.
作品について It is satire materialism in Korea. The improvement of appearance corresponds to an anticipated value that links to elevated perch in society. This helps you to extricate yourself from the inequality. The more you have good looks, the more you can get great opportunities as social awareness.
URL http://berrylandstyle.com