Vol.45 出展者紹介 出展者紹介

デザインフェスタ 出展者紹介


ジャンル ファッション,アクセサリー,工芸
出展日 両日
ブースNo. C-88
アーティスト情報 Designer Mi Yeong is making brand products under the name of NIN, which stands for natural in nature.
We have one artificial room for design, pattern, sample and production.
For 8 years we have been steadily, silently, slowly and comfortably creating natural leather bags to reach our customers.
作品について NIN\\\'s leather products are made of natural leather such as cowhide, sheepskin, etc.
Designed for ease of use and natural
This item is handmade natural hand-stitched points.
We try to make uncommon design with small quantity limited product.

URL http://www.nin-1st.com/shop/main/index.php